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Democrats pick up United States governorships but lose Florida, Ohio

07 November 2018

Democrats scored big victories on Tuesday in governor races in MI and Kansas, U.S. states that voted for Republican President Donald Trump in 2016, while the hotly contested gubernatorial elections in Georgia and Florida remained too close to call.

In yet another misfire at the most steadily misfiring of networks, MSNBC accidentally aired the results of Florida's gubernatorial a race, as Deadline put it, "a wee bit too early" - the night before the election.

DeSantis and his wife, Casey, appeared before supporters at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando shortly after 11:15 p.m, after receiving a concession call from Gillum.

Republicans, meanwhile, were eyeing a potential pickup in CT, traditionally a Democratic state, though Oregon Governor Kate Brown appeared set to prevail in what had been seen as a competitive race.

"In Florida there is a choice between a Harvard/Yale educated man named @RonDeSantisFL who has been a great Congressman and will be a great Governor - and a Dem who is a thief and who is Mayor of poorly run Tallahassee said to be one of the most corrupt cities in the Country!"

DeSantis narrowly beat Tallahasee Mayor Andrew Gillum in the state's top race. They also outpaced Democrats in the wider Tampa area.

In Kansas, Democrat Laura Kelly defeated Kris Kobach, a staunch Trump ally, where outgoing Republican Governor Sam Brownback suffered from low approval ratings.

In Georgia, Abrams, 44, was locked in a tight battle with Republican Brian Kemp, the state's secretary of state.

MSNBC's Chris Hayes apologized to viewers Monday evening after his show "All In With Chris Hayes" mistakenly aired a graphic showing vote tallies for the Florida gubernatorial race that was being held the next day. Scott is up 50.4 to 49.6 and by about 70,000 votes.

"I promise you tonight that we are going to make sure every vote is counted", she said. "I don't think we could have asked for a better turnout for Republicans". Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania - where Democratic incumbent Tom Wolf easily won re-election on Tuesday - are typically Democratic states that swung to Trump in 2016, handing him the presidency.

He advocated for stricter immigration laws, repealing former President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act, and has said that he would have vetoed the legislation that provided stricter gun control measures after 17 people were killed during a shooting rampage at Florida's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

During the campaign, Gillum repeatedly launched accusations of racism against DeSantis, which DeSantis firmly denied.

Ron DeSantis is the Governor-elect of Florida, after a hard-fought campaign based on his sterling biography and embrace of Trumpian populism. "Maybe 80,000 people will wake up and say, 'OK, we didn't vote the last time'".

Going into Tuesday, Republicans controlled 33 governors' mansions and two-thirds of state legislative chambers.

Democrats pick up United States governorships but lose Florida, Ohio