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There is no cure for HIV/AIDS infection

05 November 2018

Zimbabwe's largest newspaper, the Harare Herald, reported that his claims were scientifically baseless and that the Zimbabwean Government was actively discouraging the purchase of unapproved medicines.

The Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder is in the eye of the storm over claims he made at his church last Sunday that he had stocks of his Aguma capsules he said had properties to cure HIV/Aids and cancer.

"Just before the search, accused persons destroyed some of the exhibits by flushing the Aguma in the office toilets and burning the containers which were however recovered half-burnt".

At a press conference yesterday, Magaya apologised for his "premature" announcement and pledged to submit his "cure" to clinical trials.

The UN Health made the reaffirmation after a local preacher in Zimbabwe reportedly claimed that he had received divine revelation of a herbal cure.

He was expected back in court on November 29. The court heard that the preacher had made further claims on the website of his Indian partners, Aretha Medical - where it was recorded that the two parties were together the manufacturers of Aguma.

Aretha Medical, the company behind the production, marketing and sale of Aguma, was also not authorised to carry out any clinical tests on human beings to prove that Aguma can cure HIV.

Having carried the research from outside the country, I went on to announce the results unprocedurally.

"I spoke before I looked into authorities regulations".

He urged people living with HIV and Aids to continue taking their antiretroviral drugs.

In a statement, World Health Organization representative to Zimbabwe Alex Gasasira said to date, there is no known and proven cure for HIV infection, but effective treatment exists to manage the infection through antiretroviral therapy and drugs. The country has been making strides in its fight against HIV/Aids despite the current economic turmoil which health experts say has hit the operations of most of the country's major hospitals, including the procurement of essential drugs for people living with the pandemic.

There is no cure for HIV/AIDS infection