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Cormier Makes History, Defends Heavyweight Belt

04 November 2018

Cormier called out Lesnar for a blockbuster heavyweight bout. And he'll be keeping an eye on his waistline - the one he expects to still be wrapped with the title belt after Saturday night.

'Brock Lesnar! When you come, bring that brand new WWE title too, I feel like being a WWE champion too. I guarantee you can. Again, the Houston native regained his feet, but the respite only last a matter of seconds as Cormier took him down again.

"It's nearly like, okay so Brock loses to Cormier who's retiring anyway and Cormier again - as far as I know there's not deal with WWE but they want him and Fox wants him so okay, so the guy who beats Lesnar is going to come in as your announcer so that's not the worst thing either".

Daniel Cormier retained the UFC Heavyweight Championship at UFC 230 and had some interesting words for the WWE Universal Champion.

Daniel Cormier is still the double champ after another lopsided performance to defend his heavyweight title at UFC 230.

"I think a lot of people have to understand that I've been doing this for nine years and I've fought at a championship level for eight of them", he said. Now with his suspension served, the path is clear for Lesnar to return.

The defeat of Lewis means Cormier now boasts 22 victories to his name as he defended the UFC heavyweight title he'd won in July against Stipe Miocic, while the manner of his latest crushing win sent a real message to Lesnar.

"The Black Beast" slips to 21-6 overall (with 1 no contest), and saw a three-fight win streak snapped. Cormier allows him to get back to his feet but still has Lewis pressed against the cage.

Lewis' manager clarified that this deal with grant the heavyweight free Popeyes for life in his home city of Houston. He secured top control on Lewis where he landed short shots to Lewis.

"When you get to those numbers and you get 300,000 extra pay-per-view buys, at that number of pay-per-views, that's a big, big number". The victor of Jones vs Gustafsson will be named light heavyweight champion, as the title will be officially vacated by Cormier once that fight takes place.

The main event had history, if not the thrills of the earlier bouts.

Cormier Makes History, Defends Heavyweight Belt