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With the only Russian aircraft carrier has been a serious emergency

01 November 2018

Russia's only aircraft carrier was damaged last night when a floating dock holding it suddenly sank.

During a planned transfer of the Admiral Kuznetsov to an overland fix plant late on Monday, the PD-50 floating dock to which the ship had been attached reportedly sank after its cisterns became overloaded with water due to a power outage.

The governor of Murmansk, Maria Kovtun, stated that as soon as the floating dock, which at this time the ship was leaving, started to sink, a rescue operation began and 71 people were evacuated.

"Obviously when a 70-ton crane crashes on the deck there could be damage", Rakhmanov said in comments carried by the Interfax news agency, but "preliminary reports show that the damage that the ship has suffered is not significant".

According to latest reports, four people were injured in the incident, one of them is in serious condition. "We consider the damage to be insignificant".

It is noted that the first in the 82nd ship-repair plant reported that due to interruptions in the electricity supply tank of the floating dock was filled with water, and the dock went under water.

It added that the accident could be the result of "violations in the operation" of the ship fix facilities.

Russian Federation frequently announces plans to create next-generation weapons and ships, but its budget shortfalls have caused it to cut even practical systems from production.

Russian Federation sent the 305-meter Admiral Kuznetsov to the Eastern Mediterranean in 2016 as part of its ongoing military campaign in support of Syrian government forces in the Middle Eastern country's devastating war. They are expected to be completed by the end of 2020 for the warship to rejoin the Russian Navy in 2021.

Global media noted that the ship was belching clouds of black smoke as it sailed towards Syria via the English Channel in October 2016.

With the only Russian aircraft carrier has been a serious emergency