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Twitter Could Remove ‘Like’ Button to Promote Healthy Debates

01 November 2018

Dorsey had told the Washington Post earlier this year that he was open to revamping the core elements of Twitter, including the like button and how the platform displays follower counts.

Twitter is planning to remove the ability to "like" tweets in an attempt to improve the quality of debate on the social network.

The heart-shaped "Like" feature has been on the platform since 2015 when it replaced the star-shaped "Favorite" button.

At the WIRED25 summit this month, Dorsey further detailed his thoughts on the like feature, saying he was unhappy with the 'big like button with the heart on it'.

Twitter edit button finally?

He apparently admitted he didn't like the "like" button and would be getting rid of it "soon".

However, Brandon Borrman has said that it is not happening anytime soon. That icon functioned more as a bookmarking tool than a way to express appreciation for a tweet, however.

Twitter users, however, were not happy with the development, saying the "Like" button allowed them to support others and offer solidarity.

Of course, even though Twitter is considering killing off the feature, there's no set timeline (and the idea may not even be set in stone yet). "Who the hell wants that?" "Is it right? Especially in comparison with what we can contribute to a healthy conversation?" "How do we incentivize healthy conversation?" Many users noted that the service has a much more serious problem, and that changing the basic functionality would be a wrong start for the improvement of the platform.

"We have every team around the company thinking about increasing health of the public conversation", Dorsey said.

Twitter Could Remove ‘Like’ Button to Promote Healthy Debates