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Remains of fetuses and infants found at second Detroit funeral home

21 October 2018

Perry Funeral Home is now the second funeral facility in Detroit to have infant fetuses found inside.

Unrefrigerated boxes containing about 36 sets of remains were recovered from the Perry Funeral Home along with another 27 sets of remains in a freezer, police said.

MI authorities say they've found improperly kept remains of fetuses and infants at a second Detroit funeral home, just one week after similar remains were found at the first. Authorities discovered the remains after an anonymous letter arrived in the offices of state regulators in Lansing.

Several cremated remains were found by cleaning crews at the former Cantrell Funeral Home where mummified remains of 10 fetuses were discovered last week in a ceiling.

The Washington Post could not independently review the lawsuit, but Craig said the allegations in the lawsuit led them to raid Perry Funeral Home. It also alleges the funeral home may have fraudulently billed Medicaid, as well as the Detroit Medical Center, for burials it never performed. About 37 fetuses were found in cardboard boxes and 26 in a freezer, according to police.

"I am committed to get to the truth", Craig said Friday, according to CNN affiliate WDIV.

Mr Craig says law enforcement is considering forming a task force to target improper storage of remains and fraud.

Absent any statutory exception, the failure or refusal to properly supervise the final disposition of a dead human body after agreeing to provide the services of a funeral director within 60 days of receiving the body is a criminal violation under Section 160c of the Michigan Penal Code.

The recent discovery of the 10 fetuses and one infant at the Cantrell Funeral Home came after state inspectors in April shuttered that business after finding 21 improperly stored bodies, some of them covered in mould, in the facility. The remains recovered on Friday are now in custody of the state.

Remains of fetuses and infants found at second Detroit funeral home