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Six dead after floods hit southern France

17 October 2018

At least 13 people including a nun have died and five have been seriously injured in flash foods in southwestern France in an area popular with British tourists and expatriates.

He said nine of the 13 dead were clustered in one town, Trebes, in the Aude region, and that the number of dead could increase.

In the town of Villegailhenc, resident Ines Siguet said floodwaters rose so quickly after the rains swept in from the Mediterranean that residents fled to rooftops.

Rescue workers and soldiers walk in the town of Villegailhenc, southern France, after flash floods. Three more fatalities were reported in the neighboring villages of Villalier and one in Villegailhenc.

President Emmanuel Macron, whose office said he will soon visit the affected areas, offered "the sympathy and solidarity of the entire nation for the victims of the Aude flooding and their families". 'She thought she was safe behind locked doors and windows, but the water burst in'.

The Vigicrues agency, which tracks water levels in France, said the flooding was nearing a peak last seen in 1891.

Reports in France said one woman who lost her husband in the terror attack also lost both her parents in the weekend's floods.

PARIS Flash floods that tore through several towns in southwest France following an overnight storm killed at least 12 people, authorities said today. She posted video of a ripped-up road where a bridge used to be, torn away by a flood torrent that cut the town in half.

Alain Thirion, the prefect of the Aude, said some of the dead appeared to have been swept away by floodwaters. "We are going to have to use aircraft to evacuate them because we can not reach them by boat given the force of the water".

This means water levels are forecast to rise further, so residents are advised to stay at home and wait for further instructions from their local authorities.

This kind of weather is not unusual in the region: it happens several times a year and nearly always triggers flash flooding.

It now has the highest "red" level of danger: according to the forecasts of meteorologists, the rains will continue until Thursday.

This type of weather is unusual in France in October, but meteorologists say warmer ocean water ahead of Tropical Storm Leslie could be to blame.

Six dead after floods hit southern France