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Chris Evans Slams Piers Morgan for Criticizing Daniel Craig

17 October 2018

Paparazzi recently photographed Craig toting his and Rachel Weisz's daughter in the baby sling, as many parents do when they don't want to push a stroller.

Backlash followed suit, including a response from Chris Evans.

He Tweeted: "You really have to be so uncertain of your own masculinity to concern yourself with how another man carries his child". His tweet has garnered over half a million likes.

But in typical Piers Morgan fashion, the TV host didn't back down and instead pleaded "put the papoose away and carry your baby properly".

He demonstrated how to hold a baby-using a doll on the red carpet. He doubled down saying carrying children in your own arms is the preferred option.

Responding to Evans, he said, "Captain America wouldn't wear a papoose".

It's not newsworthy to see that many men are engaged partners in parenting. Many men responded by sharing pictures of themselves using the devices, while women also defended the practice.

Two weeks ago, actor and former pro wrestler Dwayne Johnson posted a photo of himself getting his nails painted by his 2-year-old daughter, who had insisted upon it before he left for work. "Might not be manly, but its fun and I wouldn't change anything".

The name is bond.

"This is me wearing an Elsa dress after [my daughter] asked me to wear her Mom's Halloween costume", Copeland wrote.

His tweet featured a photo of the James Bond star carrying his baby in a baby carrier and included the hashtag #emasculatedBond and the word #papoose, a term appropriated to mean a child carrier.

Chris Evans Slams Piers Morgan for Criticizing Daniel Craig