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Singapore to NY

13 October 2018

The details further said that the flight has been created to carry 161 passengers which include 67 in the business class and 94 in the premium economy.

Like on Qantas' mammoth Perth to London flight, Singapore Airlines is putting the emphasis on wellness with mindful food and sleep strategies that aim to make the flight more comfortable.

The airline is not planning to offer any economy bookings on the route.

Luckily, these flights aren't really aimed at the likes of me.

Which is probably why a number of passengers from India, especially Mumbai, are booked on Singapore Airlines' non-stop, 18-19 hour Singapore-Newark flight.

Singapore Airlines has relaunched this lengthy flight, five years after they withdrew it because it had become too expensive.

"I'm coming back on the next flight". They get extra down time on board, with at least eight hours of rest, compared with 5 1/2 hours on a typical long-haul service, according to Singapore Air.

The airline says it resumed the service using aircraft with improved fuel efficiency.

Singapore previously operated the route using Airbus A340-500 airliners before suspending the service in 2013. "I'm an aviation enthusiast", Messaggio said.

The cabin features a higher-than-normal ceiling, larger windows and lighting that is created to reduce jet lag on the world's longest flight.

But the carrier is hoping that the introduction of more fuel-efficient planes will set cash registers ringing even as crude prices soar above $80.

It is the longest flight in the world covering a distance of 10,357 miles over almost 19 hours of flying. The Singapore to NY leg, which takes off on Oct 11, is expected to take 17 hours and 50 minutes, and the return trip is 18 hours and 30 minutes.

Facing increasingly strong competition in recent years, Singapore Airlines has consolidated its low-fare subsidiaries and is strengthening its premium segment.

The company is the first airline in the world to operate the A350-900ULR plane. "The A350-1000 has been a welcome addition to our fleet and very well received by our passengers who enjoy the new generation aircraft's unprecedented levels of comfort and technology".

"We are optimistic about the demand for non-stop services to the United States", the spokesman said.

The route was later abandoned due to rising fuel costs - an issue the airline has countered this time around with their fancy new fuel-efficient A350-900 ULR plane.

Singapore to NY