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Boris Johnson calls for PM May to ditch Brexit border backstop

13 October 2018

The BBC reported that the company was concerned data it generated in the United Kingdom would not be acceptable to the European Medicines Agency after Brexit, though in a statement the agency said it would continue to accept such evidence after Brexit as long as it met its standards.

"What has happened over the last week, 10 days, is that there has been a measurable change in pace", he told the BBC.

However, he says there are still some big differences left to resolve. "So process is a lot more positive this week - substance still very challenging".

Trade secretary Liam Fox told friends that her proposal "would make life very hard for me", according to a Mail report, because it would limit the UK's ability to strike new free trade deals outside the EU.

Chancellor Philip Hammond became the first senior Government figure to suggest that the backstop - created to keep the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic open in the case that no broader EU/UK trade deal is finalised - will "probably" have to come into effect for a period.

Prime Minister Theresa May's office insisted Friday it would not "trap" Britain in an endless customs union with the EU after Brexit, amid reports some ministers could quit if this is the price of a divorce deal.

"When we published our plans in June on a UK-wide customs backstop, we were absolutely clear that the arrangement would be temporary, and only in place until our future economic relationship is ready", the spokeswoman said.

But Eurostar spokesman Rob Haycocks said the company's trains, which stop at Ashford International and Ebbsfleet International, should follow existing services come March: "We are having constructive conversations with the governments on Brexit and will continue to do so". Negotiators are looking for creative wording to square that circle.

"There will be a flurry of calls over the weekend between ministers", they said.

Following a third day of talks with European Union officials in Brussels, Foster accused European Union leaders of wanting to "place an effective one-way turnstile from Northern Ireland into the rest of the United Kingdom".

She added that the plan for checks on goods was "a one-way turnstile, which could restrict trade from Great Britain to Northern Ireland" and said it was "the worst of one world". "It's time ministers stopped arguing with themselves and put the national interest first".

The Times newspaper reported May was warned the issue was so serious that she could face further cabinet resignations unless she found a way to ensure the backstop was not permanent.

"Let's hope that we get a deal, but in the case of a no-deal scenario we will have to manage that, but our aim is to get a sensible deal but one that respects the integrity of the United Kingdom". "That would not be leaving the European Union".

London has published more than 25 technical notices covering issues from consumer rights and sanctions policy to rail transport and taking horses overseas.

Boris Johnson calls for PM May to ditch Brexit border backstop