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At least eight climbers killed on Nepal peak

13 October 2018

At least seven mountaineers were killed after their camp on a Himalayan peak in western Nepal was hit by a storm, police said on Saturday, in the country's worst climbing disaster in two years.

A rescue helicopter at the scene confirmed seeing eight bodies in the ruins of the camp, but was unable to stay due to bad weather conditions.

The remote area is hard to reach by foot, he said, and locals are still looking for two other climbers who are missing after the overnight storm.

Kim is believed to be among the dead, officials said.

Five South Korean climbers and four Nepali guides were swept off a cliff by strong winds as they waited for fairer weather before starting their ascent of Mount Gurja, a mountain of 23,599ft in west Nepal.

Gurung landed a helicopter just above the expedition team's camp and attempted to descend to the campsite with a group of local villagers, but icy and unstable conditions meant they were unable to retrieve any of the bodies.

Team leader Kim was the first South Korean national to summit 14 peaks above 8,000 metres without using supplemental oxygen.

The permit listed four South Korean climbers, but a fifth member had joined the team later, according to Suresh Dakal of Trekking Camp Nepal, the expedition organiser.

The area lies about 216 km (130 miles) northwest of Kathmandu in the region where the world's seventh-highest mountain, Dhaulagiri, is located.

At least eight climbers killed on Nepal peak