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Stardew Valley is coming to mobile

12 October 2018

The mobile version of Stardew Valley is being touted as the full version of the game, with the only differences being the game's interface being fine-tuned for touchscreen play.

PC players can also transfer their saved games to the iOS version via iTunes.

It'll cost you £8 once it's out, and that's it.

Stardew Valley sees you moving from the big city to your (recently inherited) grandfather's old, run-down farm in sleepy Pelican Town.

Charming indie farming RPG Stardew Valley is coming to your mobile later this month. Because, I know that I just don't have enough time to apply myself to Stardew Valley as much as I'd like.

Critically acclaimed farming sim/role-playing game "Stardew Valley" is coming to the Apple App Store on October 24, developer Eric Barone announced on Tuesday.

Barone and The Secret Police are working on an Android version of the game, with a release date sometime in the future.

In a blog post today, creator Eric Barone said the game will land in the iOS App Store on October 24th. And you can import save games from Windows PC or Mac.

Those of you with the infinite patience for RPGs and sim games (that we fans of button-mashers don't possess) will likely rejoice to learn that Stardew Valley is coming to a mobile device near you. Best of all, the game is free from the tyranny of micro-transactions. ConcernedApe hopes to have something to announce for a release date as soon as possible.

While Stardew Valley will feature singleplayer content up to version 1.3, it won't have multiplayer or mod support. The London-based development studio have been working on the ports for about a year. You can also pick it up for the PC via Steam, the Humble Store, or GOG, or for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4 at their respective storefronts for $14.99 or your regional equivalent.

Stardew Valley is coming to mobile