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I don't like Fed raising interest rates so quickly, says Trump

12 October 2018

In the USA all the major stock markets closed down after similar drops on Wednesday.

Fed Chair Jerome Powell, whom Trump named to lead the central bank, has repeatedly brushed off the comments saying officials do not pay attention to politics.

Trump blamed the Federal Reserve - and his appointee Powell - for the big drop Wednesday. Three have PhDs in economics and three have law degrees. "I don't think the US can hold in there", the chief investment officer of bond manager DoubleLine Capital told CNBC.

She recommended more flexibility on capital flow management, adding that some emerging markets, including South East Asian countries, had been far too reluctant to ramp up capital controls to protect their own economies.

He has frequently criticised the U.S. central bank for gradually raising interest rates.

And Kudlow said the Fed was managing "the transition from ultra, ultra easy money.to something more normal", by raising rates gradually. This implies they now see a greater possibility that growth and short-term interest rates could surprise by rising faster than forecasters now project.

Stocks have sold off in recent days on worries about higher borrowing costs.

The president has been publicly criticizing the central bank since July for interest-rate increases and declared he was "not happy" in September after the third rate hike of the year. "It is doing well", Trump said. They have reached out to the Fed leader to ensure there hasn't been improper political interference.

"It's inevitable that central banks make the decisions that they make".

Meanwhile, Europe's main stock markets slid by around 1.5% at the start of trading today following heavier falls across Asia and on Wall Street overnight.

According to reporting by CNBC interest rates have been on the rise over the past several weeks, with the benchmark 10-year Treasury note - a barometer for corporate debt and mortgages rates - climbing to its highest level in more than seven years. "The Fed is going wild", Trump said on an interview with Fox News Thursday.

In July, the president complained about the Federal Reserve raising interest rates.

Another hike in interest rate by Federal Reserve is expected soon. "That doesn't seem especially surprising".

Trump's public criticism of the Federal Reserve, whose chairman, Jerome Powell, Trump appointed, is a sharp departure from his recent predecessors. President Jimmy Carter in 1979 removed G. William Miller as Fed chairman by offering him the job of Treasury secretary. "They're so tight. I think the Fed has gone insane", he said.

"No I think the Fed is making a mistake", he said. "Where is the inflation that they are fighting?"

When you see things like this happening - stocks tanking, long-term interest rates rising rapidly, various supposed experts holding forth - it's tempting to run around, shriek and react to what's going on right now. Economic growth has improved, and Republicans have taken steps to cut taxes and regulations.

Numerous biggest United States names fell hard in Wednesday's session, with Apple, Boeing and Facebook all slumping more than four percent and Amazon, Nike and Microsoft shedding more than five percent.

But Trump loves to tout good economic news, and either dismisses bad economic news or blames it on the Fed.

I don't like Fed raising interest rates so quickly, says Trump