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Trump suggests the climate may actually be 'fabulous' after ominous United Nations report

11 October 2018

The influential report reveals that only by keeping the temperature rise under 1.5C above pre-industrial levels will "rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society" be prevented.

BECCS is a theory for "negative emissions" using large scale plant growth to absorb Carbon dioxide; the crops are burned to create energy while the Carbon dioxide is captured and buried in the ground. The Institute for Energy Research found that China produced nearly one-third of the world's total carbon emissions past year.

Robinson has long called for others to be more conscious of both climate change and human rights issues, believing them to be inextricably linked.

Vietnam's contributions to global goals and climate change response in the fields of agriculture, rural development, natural resources, and the environment, among others, were also introduced at the event.

Udall criticized the Trump administration's recent rollback of a rule meant to reduce pollution from methane, a greenhouse gas, calling it a "tragic failure of leadership".

He says not to think of climate change as causing hurricanes but rather as "an aggravating factor".

But a United Nations report released this week, running to hundreds of pages of fresh scientific data and findings, still should have delivered a shock.

"There is clearly need for a much higher ambition level to reach even a 2 degrees target, we are moving more toward 3 to 5 (degrees) at the moment", explained Petteri Taalas, secretary-general of the WMO. But it wasn't necessarily new.

"Humanity has the power to make the changes needed". Lomborg notes that, with a well designed and coordinated climate policy (i.e. the opposite of what European and North American governments have now), the annual costs will reach US $3.3 trillion, "more than twice what EU governments spend today on health, education, recreation, housing, environment, police and defense combined".

Outside the White House Tuesday night, Trump reassured Americans that there's nothing to worry about when it comes to climate change. They say it excludes scientists who downplay the effect of burning fossil fuels. It has said it has no intention of scaling back fossil fuel production because of concerns that without coal household power bills would continue to soar.

The Paris Agreement's goal of limiting global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius, ideally 1.5C, by the turn of the century will be extremely challenging.

Yet, the USA never moved to curtail fossil fuel use. A key in this effort is to have solutions that are "shovel-ready" for when the climate change impacts become painful enough that the public willpower to act sweeps quickly onto the policy scene. Australia's pledge is to cut 2005-level emissions 26-28 per cent by 2030, a target environmental groups such as the Climate Action Tracker describe as "insufficient".

Taylor said it is now necessary for the Caribbean to amplify the achievement the report represents and to craft a strategy for its effective use as a tool in climate change negotiations. Martinez has not convened the state's Drought Task Force since 2015, and drought planning links on the governor's website include a 2006 New Mexico Drought Plan and 2008 recommendations from the task force, two documents posted before Martinez was elected governor.

The Labor party has capitalised on the IPCC report and used it to demonstrate the their view that the Coalition isn't unified on its' approach to climate change and that more conservative elements of the party are undermining the Government's ability to put forward sensible policy in regards to emissions reduction. Ninety-one authors and review editors from 40 countries prepared the special report.

Trump suggests the climate may actually be 'fabulous' after ominous United Nations report