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Why You Absolutely Need to get a Flu Shot This Year

10 October 2018

With Flu season approaching the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that everyone 6 months of age and older get a seasonal flu vaccine.

Tammy Owens with the Knox County Health Department said it's very important for everyone, children, adults and seniors, to get their flu shots.

There had been expectations of a potentially severe season, given the high levels of flu-related hospitalisation and death seen during the Northern Hemisphere winter.

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During the 2017/18 flu season, 64 people died from the flu in Alberta.

Scientists from Oregon State University tracked flu cases in more than 600 areas around the U.S.

Record numbers of Kiwis had opted for a flu shot this year with more than 1.29 million doses having been distributed by early July.

Over the years, you've probably heard plenty of people declare their reasons for skipping the flu shot.

"The flu shot is a dead virus shot". Frank Esper of Cleveland Clinic Children's says that improvements have made the nasal vaccine more effective, but the flu shot is still preferred. "Manitobans are encouraged to get the vaccine and reduce the risk of contracting influenza and the potential health complications that can come with it, both for themselves and for others". Is there a vaccine that really could prevent infection with a whole variety of different types of strains of influenza? "Reported coverage was consistently higher among health care personnel working in hospital settings than among those working in other settings; health care personnel working in hospital settings were also the most likely to report workplace vaccination requirements".

Bhardwaj encouraged expectant mothers, people who can not afford to get sick, seniors or people who work with seniors, people with compromised immune systems or chronic conditions and people who are at a higher risk to contract the flu to get their flu shots as soon as possible.

So at these meetings, the researchers who have their lights on in their laboratories at night are here telling us about new technologies that are designed to create better vaccines for the future.

This year, the CDC said the vaccine has updated the flu vaccines to better match circulating viruses.

The best time to get vaccinated against the flu is by the end of October, before the flu starts spreading, because it takes about two weeks after the vaccination for your body to develop antibodies against the illness. Wilson had pushed for the laws to silence critics of his administration and its plans to enter World War I. But as John M. Barry writes in "The Great Influenza", the laws also were used to keep information about the flu from scaring the public.

Why You Absolutely Need to get a Flu Shot This Year