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Oil refinery explosion in Canada shakes city of Saint John

09 October 2018

Irving Oil released a tweet saying 'We can confirm that a major incident has occurred at our Saint John refinery this morning'.

We will update as more information becomes available.

At 4 p.m. local time, residents were still being asked to stay in their homes, and nearby streets remained closed.

According to posts on Facebook, people living nearby reported a "bed-shaking explosion" at around 10:15 a.m.

While emergency response crews are on the scene, it is not clear how many units are there. "Praying for the safety of all involved".

A massive oil refinery blast shook this historic port city Monday, sending flames and black smoke high into the sky but causing only four minor injuries - and leaving officials relieved it wasn't far worse.

Residents across the city reported feeling the effects of the explosion.

According to the Irving Oil web site, the refinery produces more than 320,000 barrels of "finished energy products" every day, with more than half going the US northeast. "We have also led in the development of cleaner and more efficient fuels and processes".

George Murphy of the Consumer Group for Fair Gas Prices says it's too early to say if the Irving Oil situation unfolding in New Brunswick will have any impact on prices.

He added when he walked outside he saw thick black smoke billowing so he hopped in his auto to take a closer look.

"We're sitting here and watching it burn right now", he said.

"I heard a rumbling, roaring sound", Guimond said.

When he walked outside, he noticed black smoke coming from the refinery, so he hopped into the vehicle, drove down the corner and saw fire about 30 metres high.

Rob Beebe felt the explosion from his apartment on Martha Avenue, a few streets over from the refinery.

Oil refinery explosion in Canada shakes city of Saint John