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Columbus, Ohio not celebrating Columbus Day

09 October 2018

Columbus Day has been a federal holiday since 1934.

The Ohio city's decision is not related to a movement to end Columbus Day and replace it with Indigenous Peoples Day, in deference to the Native American population that was colonized and in some cases enslaved or decimated by colonizing forces associated with Columbus. The move will let it do more to observe Veterans Day, the city says.

Columbus made its announcement Thursday in a two-paragraph news release focused on the impact on trash pickup and parking enforcement schedules.

Unlike other states and cities, they have eschewed holiday proceedings there for budgetary reasons, but elsewhere the lionization of Columbus, a figure who critics say represents the country's history of genocide, colonization and displacement of indigenous people, no longer sits right with many leaders and citizens. But this year, the capital city's offices will remain open, and instead close on Veterans Day, which falls on November 12.

"Columbus is home to 110,000 veterans", Davis said in an email to NPR. Those cities are now honoring the history and contributions of Native Americans. Indigenous people had been living there for centuries by the time Columbus arrived in 1492.

The idea of changing the traditional holiday has often sparked intense disagreements.

"We stand behind the Christopher Columbus name and will continue to do so here in Pittsburgh", Guy Costa, the city's chief operations officer and a parade supporter, said recently. "How stupid of Mayor Ginther to perpetrate this embarrassment for our City!" "It was mostly the people who came after, the settlers. I would much rather see Veterans honored".

The largest city in America named after Christopher Columbus canceled Columbus Day this year - claiming it's too broke to celebrate. Several states, including Alaska, Hawaii and OR have never recognized it.

Columbus Day is a postal holiday. His backers celebrate his place in history, and his Italian heritage.

Mail services: The United States Postal Service will not deliver mail on Monday. Banks that will be closed include Capital One, BB&T, City National Bank, Santander Bank, Union Bank, Bank of America, Citibank, and HSBC, along with most credit unions.

To Cliff Matias, cultural director of the Redhawk Native American Arts Council, it's a disgrace that New York City doesn't officially recognize the holiday.

Despite the change, the city's youngest residents might not notice.

The mayor's office said the decision wasn't made because many US cities are replacing their observance of Columbus Day in favor of Indigenous Peoples Day, but rather because the city doesn't have the budget to give its 8,500 employees off on both that and Veterans Day.

Columbus, Ohio not celebrating Columbus Day