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Barbie launches doll based on Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Who

09 October 2018

The new season kicked off yesterday (October 7) with Whittaker's very first episode, The Woman Who Fell to Earth, which saw the new Doctor meet her soon-to-be companions - and while everyone impressed, there's one outstanding character who didn't make the final cut.

I love being part of an ensemble. The Doctor constructs her own sonic screwdriver out of "solid Sheffield steel", and chooses her new outfit in a shop on Sheffield's high street. Massive congratulations, Jodie. I love her. It's a good sign, as Chibnall works best with these kind of emotionally complex ensemble dramas as opposed to fitting into the old mold of Doctor Who (just look at any of his previous episodes for the show).

Tell us, what did you guys and gals think of the Doctor Who premiere? There's echos of who I was and a sort of call towards who I am. Between the tentacle creature, the giant blue frozen glowing Hershey's kiss cocoon, the armored alien who is later revealed to be a dude with teeth glued to his face, it was all a bit much and a bit muddled for a debut episode in which so many characters are being introduced at once. Ten individual stories that show off the range of the Thirteenth Doctor and her friends, but also of the show as a whole.

"It was a feeling", she said, more than a specific look. But also, it's a great time for a new generation of children and families to start the habit of gathering around the television together to watch this amusing, scary, extraordinary show!

You mean "braces", they tweeted. Who's new cinematography is vast, colorful and sharp, director Jamie Childs making the most of Chibnall's Broadchurch roots to give even this Earth-based adventure a much needed facelift. "And certainly with this, this is made for fans, but its also made for people who haven't yet encountered this show, and we want to share that with them". "I was just going, 'Oh, this is fun, this is exciting!'" They're off kilter, walking on baby legs as they discover the new aspects of themselves. Her Doctor is just as brilliant and other-worldly as ever, but it's couched in something earthier. Right now our fave of the new crew is Yaz and we really hope she and Ryan don't embark on a romance. It will screen on the ABC on Monday nights at 5.55pm.

Barbie launches doll based on Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Who