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Rock that was used as a doorstop a meteorite worth $100000

08 October 2018

"I said, 'Wait a minute".

He asked the then-homeowner about it who told him it was a meteorite which the farmer had discovered on the property in the 1930s.

A rock that was used as a doorstop on a MI farm for decades has been identified as a meteorite worth $100,000.

According to Central Michigan University, the 22-pound meteorite rock was brought in to be examined by an unnamed man who said he had been using it as a doorstop for several decades. They say it's worth around $100,000, and is the sixth largest meteorite found in MI.

Central Michigan University geology professor Mona Sirbescu said that she knew the rock was "something special" as soon as she saw it.

However, the Michigan man stated that, regardless of how much money he makes with the meteorite, he will donate 10% to the Central Michigan University.

Siberscu still wanted a second opinion and sent off a slice of the rock to the Smithsonian Institution.

The Smithsonian and another museum in Maine have already expressed interest in the rock, and Sirbescu called it "the most valuable specimen I have ever held in my life, monetarily and scientifically".

The farmer said that it had come down onto the property in the '30s - "and it made a heck of a noise when it hit", the new owner recalled him saying, according to CMU's statement.

A U.S. farmer and his son saw a shooting star come crashing onto their property one night in the 1930s.

But tests are underway at UCLA to see if it contains rare elements that would bump up the value.

"The story goes that it was collected immediately after they witnessed the big boom and the actual meteorite was dug out from a crater", Sirbescu said, but added that the tale has been passed down without eyewitness confirmations.

The Smithsonian and a mineral museum in ME are considering buying the meteorite - now called "Edmore" - for display, according to CMU. "I'm done using it as a doorstop". "Let's get a buyer!"

Rock that was used as a doorstop a meteorite worth $100000