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U.S. withdraws from international accords, says U.N

05 October 2018

Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has described the United States as an outlaw regime following Washington's termination of a bilateral amity treaty with Tehran. Their decision was based on an antiquated 1955 "friendship treaty" between Iran and America, put in place long before Iran's Islamic revolution. "We have consistently, across Democratic and Republican administrations, opposed the admission of Palestine to the United Nations as a state because it's not a state". If the people of Iran want a new treaty with the United States that can actually be upheld, they could start by kicking out some of their leaders, opening up all of their nuclear sites for worldwide inspectors and getting rid of their tactical weapons program.

The moves come after a ruling from the court that American sanctions against Iran were a violation of the 1955 treaty and after a complaint made by the Palestinians about the Trump administration's decision to move the us embassy in Israel last December.

Bolton noted that the specific provisions of the Vienna agreement left the United States open to nuisance lawsuits from Iran, the Palestinians and other bad actors, similar to the case that was just concluded against us in the Hague.

Early Wednesday, Secretary of State Michael Pompeo announced the U.S. was quitting a 1955 U.S. -Iran friendship treaty.

He cited a case brought to the court by the "so-called state of Palestine" challenging the move of the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as the main reason for withdrawing from the "optional protocol" of the ICJ.

"The president has decided that the United States will withdraw from the optional protocol and dispute resolution to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations". The ICJ had previously been used by both the United States after the hostage crisis and by Iran after a U.S. warship shot down an Iranian commercial airliner in the Persian Gulf in 1988. In fact, both nations have already begun a second suit against the United States which the same UN court is preparing to hold hearings on this month.

The actions were nearly entirely symbolic given that past USA administrations, Democratic and Republican alike, have long ignored International Court of Justice rulings, as the Trump administration was certain to do as well.

Gaffney adds that it should not be forgotten that Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism.

Wednesday's moves came hours after the court made a ruling that sanctions being reimposed on Iran unfairly infringe on that country's imports of medicine and food as well as spare parts needed for safe civil aviation.

Last month, Bolton threatened to impose sanctions on International Criminal Court officials if they prosecute the USA or Israel for war crimes.

US National Security Adviser John Bolton put the Palestinian Authority's (PA) official status into perspective at a Wednesday press briefing when he announced that the United States would no longer be a signatory party to the United Nations' International Court of Justice (ICJ).

America's initial response to the ICJ may only be the beginning, he continued: "Given this history and Iran's abuse of the ICJ, we will commence a review of all worldwide agreements that may still expose the United States to purported binding jurisdiction dispute resolution in the global Court of Justice". The U.S. stopped recognizing the court's compulsory jurisdiction in 1986.

If they want two-state, that's OK with me.

U.S. withdraws from international accords, says U.N