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Canadians duty-free limit increases to $150 following USMCA deal

05 October 2018

The agreement hammered out late Sunday between the United States and Canada, following an earlier U.S. -Mexico deal, replaces the 24-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement, which tore down trade barriers between the three countries. The next step will be seeking approval of the U.S. Congress. "There were no positives for the dairy farmers".

Much of Pence's remarks are meant to inform the public of what the USA government terms as China's covert and overt influence campaign.

"We were sort of told that there would be no negative impact or bad deal for Canada, but it's a bad deal for us", says Jeff Peddle. "Lawyers shouldn't wait to the last minute and should, over the next few months, do an analysis of the new agreement and make sure they and their clients are ready and understand their obligations under the new agreement", she explained. The deal was reached September 30, mere hours before an American-imposed midnight deadline. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer hailed it as a "paradigm shift".

Nonetheless, the USA got its way, forcing Canada to yield a larger market share for American dairy farmers. The remaining products will be priced according to end use. But between now and then, the USMCA has to be considered as drafted, and trade lawyers need to be aware of potential flashpoints included and not in the agreement, said Todgham Cherniak.

While Pence declared that behavior of Russian Federation "pales in comparison to what China is doing across this country", he only cited vague internal declarations by US intelligence agencies and then pointed to an advertisement, purchased by the state-run China Daily newspaper, that was placed in the Des Moines Register that criticized the Trump administration's trade war tactics.

That notification is required "before introducing a new milk class, changing an existing milk class, introducing a new milk class price, or changing an existing milk price", the text reads.

"We are requiring a large portion of every vehicle to be made by high-wage workers, which will greatly reduce foreign outsourcing, which was a tremendous problem, and means more auto parts and automobiles will be manufactured inside the United States". Parties must "allow an interval of at least one calendar month between the publication of the final measure or policy and its effective date", the text says.

"China wants a different American president", Pence says. NYFB is also encouraged by language that will eliminate Canada's Class 7 dairy pricing program as well as increase access to Canada's dairy market.

"Canada has agreed to domestic policy changes that will allow USA dairy producers greater access to the Canadian market while also allowing Canadian dairy farmers reciprocal access to our markets", Banks explained. Export caps have been placed on Canadian dairy as well.

As part of its mandate, the Canadian Dairy Commission sets the annual reference price for dairy products.

"Dairy farmers across the country have faced challenges with those trade deals".

"The dairy industry has definitely struggled", said James Newby, a partner at Newby Farms in Athens.

If it seemed that this deal magically came about overnight, that's because it did. Chris Forbes, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's deputy minister, attended the cabinet meeting. "This agreement not only preserves our partnership with these neighbors, but it also shows the United States can get a better deal for American farmers, businesses and families through strong negotiations".

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised Monday there will be some form of compensation for producers, but there are no details yet on how much or who will qualify.

Canadians duty-free limit increases to $150 following USMCA deal