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Young surfer dies from rare brain-eating amoeba

03 October 2018

CDC spokesman Kelly Craine told KBTX that her organization was 'currently investigating to find the source'.

Health officials with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) tested the wave pool at BSR Cable Park's Surf Resort on Monday, October 1st, and results are expected later this week. However, such as in the case of Stabile, Naegleria fowleri can be contracted when contaminated water enters the body through the nose, either in a chlorinated swimming pool water or if one uses contaminated tap water to rinse their sinuses.

The fatality rate is over 97 percent and only four of 143 known infected individuals in the U.S. from 1962 to 2017 have survived.

Finally, on September 20, "Fabrizio's cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) tested positive for the amoeba, Naegleria fowleri, which caused a rare infection that has only been diagnosed 143 times in the United States in the last 55 years".

The young man was rushed to the hospital the next day after he could not get out of bed or speak coherently. Symptoms generally start about five days after infection, with death occurring about five days later, according to the CDC.

Naegleria fowleri infections are not all that common, but with a fatality rate over 97%, Naegleria fowleri survivors are extremely rare.

The Naegleria fowleri amoeba is a free-living amoeba found in warm freshwater ponds, lakes and rivers, which feeds on bacteria but can cause a lethal infection in humans.

Known as "Fab", Stabile was born in Bloomsberg, Pennsylvania, and loved spending time outdoors, according to his obituary in the Press of Atlantic City. Preliminary testing results should be ready later next week.

As for the resort, owner Stuart Parson voluntarily closed the park on Friday.

Stabile, whose family said he was an avid outdoorsman who loved to surf, had been at the park on vacation. He said the surf resort, which operates an artificial man-made wave, is in compliance with the CDC's "guidelines and recommendations concerning Naegleria fowleri".

Young surfer dies from rare brain-eating amoeba