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Yale Law Students Demand Investigation Into Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Kavanaugh

25 September 2018

Yale officials cancelled classes to accommodate the demonstration.

The next morning, students clad in black took to the Sterling Law Building to show their support of 1987 alumna Ramirez and Blasey Ford, and to call for an impartial, thorough investigation of their claims.

Dana Bolger, a Yale Law School student and senior editor at Feministing, posted a series of tweets regarding the cancelations.

On Monday, students at Yale Law staged "sit-in" protests in the hallways of the CT college, refusing to go to class.

"Yale Law School did not cancel all classes", she said.

One of the protesters on hand was Marie Follayttar, co-director of a group that has raised money to give to Collins' election opponent in 2020 if she supports Kavanaugh.

"As a community, we are here today to show that we take allegations of sexual assault and harassment seriously", said Diane Lake, a second-year law student, according to the Hartford Courant.

Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal of CT, a Yale alum, showed up for the on-campus protests and addressed the students.

"We worked very, very hard since the day Kavanaugh was nominated to frame exactly who this guy is, how hostile he is towards women, particularly on abortion rights", Hogue said on "The Circus".

They shared their own stories of sexual assault and called on senators to stand with survivors.

"It has been a time of terror and anguish for them and the pain and anguish they've chosen to endure speaks to their credibility as does their desire for an FBI investigation", Blumenthal said.

In response to the Guardian's allegations, Rubenfeld's attorney issued a statement in which the professor says he believes he is contending with personal attacks and false allegations, but he stands ready to participate in any investigation.

After hearing from the senator, the students spent almost two hours in the corridor listening to peers share their thoughts and experiences.

The letter was written on a large poster board and signed by ME survivors of sexual assault and their supporters. A few large banners criticized Yale itself, with words like "Prestige over people" and "YSL rape culture".

Even if Kavanaugh didn't vote to overturn Roe, the Supreme Court could have many opportunities in the coming years to gut abortion access by allowing states to regulate it out of existence, as Texas tried to do with a pair of laws in 2013 that shut down half the abortion clinics in the state.

They said it was important to remember that racial discrimination against Hill, a black woman, compounded the opposition and disbelief she faced. In Washington, students held umbrellas and signs aloft outside the Supreme Court in the rain, while on campus in New Haven, they filled the hallway of the law school.

One former student whose account was published last week in the Guardian said that Chua had advised her to dress in an "outgoing" way. "We can never forget the role that race and gender both play in these confirmation hearings".

Yale Law Students Demand Investigation Into Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Kavanaugh