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Serena reveals incredible moment with daughter after US Open final

25 September 2018

"I'm doing the best that I can to try and move forward", Williams told Mamamia in a promotion for breast cancer organised by her sponsor Berlei.

"We've never had this before". "That doesn't make any sense, why would you say that?" He said he made a motion, so I was like, "Okay, you made a motion and now you're telling people you were coaching me?" Serena's assertion of not seeing her coach's motions does not tally with her statement during the final, where she argued fiercely that he wasn't coaching her but gave her a thumbs up.

We trust Williams when she says she was mistreated and we insist that systemic change along gender and racial lines in tennis is the answer.

"What I'm just trying to do most of all is just recover from that". Following a few months of maternity leave, Williams, who left with #1 ranking, returned at #453 earlier this year, earning her way back up to a #16 ranking according to the Women's Tennis Association (WTA). "Sascha was coaching every point too", he said at the time.

While Williams has firmly and consistently denied any allegations that coaching took place during the final, her own coach has remarkably opposed this view, claiming that he was giving her instructions throughout the match. "I think if a player got angry and reacted like she did in the final, they would get the same penalty, I am pretty sure".

"Besides cry, I don't know, it was interesting", she told Mia Freedman in an episode of "No Filter" that was recorded three days after the September 8 final in which she lost to Naomi Osaka.

Despite the controversial and heated match, Williams threw her support around competitor Osaka, who won the Grand Slam title but was brought to tears when the crowd started to boo during the closing ceremonies.

After touching on motherhood and her rise to stardom, The Sunday Project host switched to the elephant in the room, asking Williams if she regretted smashing her racket in the second set - a brain snap which saw her slapped with a code violation which eventually resulted in her spraying umpire Carlos Ramos.

And here, you know, this is a new event, but all of us players want to win so much. You are the liar.

'Well, yeah, I mean, you know, as a fan, I wanted to read the book and I was really excited for it to come out and I was really happy for her, ' she added. "Or am I just s**t at small talk?"

"I think she has a point in some of what she's saying", Wozniacki told reporters in Wuhan.

Tennis great John McEnroe, one of the game's most tempestuous characters in his playing days, said the sport must find a way to allow players to express feelings and inject their personality into the game while adhering to certain rules.

"If you were to be strict. then you should have taken both players and the coaches before the match and said, Hey, I'm really strict today".

Serena reveals incredible moment with daughter after US Open final