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Six Flags Fright Fest 30-Hour Coffin Challenge

24 September 2018

Sure, we all have!

Six Flags amusement park in Eureka, Mo., is holding a morbid contest for the courageous - and not claustrophobic.

Six coffin dwellers will be chosen as part of Missouri Six Flags' Fright Fest.

During Freight Fest operating hours, coffin dwellers can have a friend to support them, however Six Flags says "they must fearless the non-operating hours alone", although they will have staff on-site to monitor the contest.

If more than one person completes the challenge, the $300 will be raffled among those people.

So, what do you get for spending 30 hours in a coffin?

But there are plenty of additional rules that make the challenge feel a bit easier to tackle.

If more than one participant remains after 30 hours there will be a random drawing for the $300 prize. The coffins have been outfitted with phone charging stations, so inhabitants can Instagram their experiences from the other side.

They'll also get to keep the coffin if they fancy it, should they want to repeat the experience at home... Hey, if that sells it for you, no judgment here.

As the name suggests, the theme park's Fright Fest 30-Hour Coffin Challenge dares thrill-seekers to experience what it's like to live like the undead.

We still think the creepiest thing Six Flags ever did was that dancing old guy in the commercials.

Six Flags Fright Fest 30-Hour Coffin Challenge