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First look at Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker

23 September 2018

The first image of actor Joaquin Phoenix in the role of the Joker for the upcoming standalone film focused on Batman's nemesis has been revealed.

What do you think about Joaquin Phoenix's latest Joker reveal? One of the things that was noted about Gacy's clown makeup, after his crimes were uncovered, was how his eye and mouth lines were drawn into sharp points around, instead of round like most other clowns.

The brief video clip involves a slow zoom into Phoenix as Arthur Fleck, his protagonist's pre-Joker form, who's described in the official Warner Bros. plot synopsis as "a man disregarded by society". Now let's all make wild comparisons with this morsel to the legendary Joker performance of Heath Ledger in "the Dark Knight".

The video is set to The Guess Who's song Laughing, a sad tale about a broken relationship. It could be that this is Joker in an earlier part of his personal transformation, given that this film is an origin story.

Joker is now in production and is expected to be released next year. The stand alone Joker film is reported to be set in 1970's, telling the origin story of the mysterious and iconic Batman villain and is being filmed in New York City.

Phillips posted a photo on Sunday of Phoenix dressed up in a button-up shirt and jacket, with the caption: "Arthur".

The movie also stars Robert DeNiro as a talk show host, Marc Maron is the agent responsible for getting the Joker on DeNiro's talk show, with the film also starring Frances Conroy and Josh Pais.

First look at Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker