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3D printer gun maker faces sex crime

21 September 2018

The girl said she met Wilson in person on August 15 at an Austin coffee shop.

Surveillance video footage obtained by police showed the two meeting in the parking lot of a South Austin coffee shop on August 15.

The pair then met at a cafe in South Austin on August 15, and went on to the Archer Hotel in his auto, according to the affidavit.

Police found extensive evidence from the victim's phone and surveillance footage that corroborated all the major details of her testimony. Police say Defense Distributed, Wilson's company, had registered a 2015 Black Ford Edge.

Cody Wilson designed and printed his own 3D gun, which he dubbed "The Liberator" after a classic World War II firearm.

Police later interviewed the girl and on Wednesday obtained a warrant for Wilson's arrest, but by then he had caught a flight to Taiwan, Officer said.

CIB International Criminal Affairs Division Director Kan Yen-min (甘炎民) said the bureau has not received any information from the United States side about Wilson and that Interpol has not issued a warrant for him.

The crime is a second-degree felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison, he said.

Wilson was thrust into the national spotlight after Defense Distributed successfully created downloadable blueprints for a single-shot pistol made out plastic, then posted them on the Internet.

According to the document, Wilson sent the girl images of his penis, and she sent him nude photos of herself.

The Austin Police Department is working with national and global authorities to locate Cody Wilson, 30, and "bring him to justice" after he became aware of the investigation and missed a flight home from Taipei, Commander Troy Officer said at a press conference on Wednesday. Although Officer said authorities are not clear about Wilson's reasons for the trip overseas, he acknowledged the controversial entrepreneur makes frequent business trips to the country, which does not have an extradition agreement with the U.S.

The Trump administration earlier this year reached a settlement lifting the ban for Defense Distributed.

Cody has gained notoriety for his legal battles with the U.S. State Department over his releasing of free blueprints online for 3D-printed guns which can pass unnoticed through metal detectors.

Instead, Wilson began selling them by mail, saying the judge's order did not bar him from doing so.

3D printer gun maker faces sex crime