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Hungary's Orban continues to defy the European Union with Russian Federation trip

20 September 2018

Orban quoted a statement made by German Chancellor Angela Merkel on September 12 in which she said that European Union members would have to cede some of their national rights to Frontex.

But Orban has pronounced himself unconcerned, telling domestic radio Friday there was "no danger" for Hungary in the vote and that in any case he would help remove what he called the "pro-immigration majority" at European Parliament elections next May. Only we can unseat Viktor Orban.

"You are too cowardly to say that. the European Parliament graded as failing the performance not of Hungary, but your performance", said Ferenc Gyurcsany, a former prime minister and now leader of the opposition Democratic Coalition.

"I have always been in favour of building bridges and I want to continue to do so, but yesterday (Tuesday) I didn't see any readiness from the Hungarian PM to make a move towards his European Union partners and address our concerns", Mr Manfred tweeted.

Since coming to power, his government has taken a hard-line stance against immigration.

"Theresa May should do what Gove failed to do and condemn the Hungarian government".

"It was a stitch-up against Viktor, he shouldn't ever go back there to listen to such insults", said another shopper, 52-year-old Orsi Vinczeler.

The group may now consider whether to suspend Orban's Fidesz party.

"No matter how they try to spin it - and they will use it for domestic political gain, strengthening their narrative that Hungary is under attack from Brussels - they hoped this resolution would not pass", said Toth.

After Wednesday's vote, the Board of Deputies of British Jews said it was disappointed Conservative MEPs had voted in "defence" of Hungary, while the Muslim Council of Britain questioned whether the Tories were seeking backing for its position on Brexit in return.

With fresh European Parliament elections on the horizon, Orban's rhetoric "could become even more hysterical", according to the analyst.

"We are allies", he said.

Recall that in the text of the resolution the European Parliament expressed concern about the work in Hungary, the constitutional and electoral systems, judicial independence, freedom of expression and the rights of migrants and refugees. "More Hungary than Orban!" chanted the demonstrators, organized left opposition.

Hungary's Orban continues to defy the European Union with Russian Federation trip