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Audi's first all-electric model, the e-tron, makes its debut

20 September 2018

Audi e-tron, the German automaker's first all-electric SUV is officially here, in the metal. This and numerous innovative technologies primarily in the area of drive systems are giving rise to a separate product family of e-SUVs with electric quattro all-wheel drive.

"In the future, virtually every market segment will include models powered by a combination of electric motors and a combustion engine, and that can be charged at an electric outlet", says Board Member for Technical Development Mertens. It ensures the continuous and variable regulation of the ideal distribution of drive torques between the two axles - within a fraction of a second. The company says, that a key factor for the sporty character and outstanding transverse dynamics is the low and central position at which the battery system is installed. The e-tron is 5 inches (13 cm) shorter than the Tesla Model X, and it has conventional doors.

Audi has unveiled its first ever, fully electric production model.

As you would expect from a modern, futuristic electric vehicle, the gadgetry on the inside of e-tron is fantastic as well.

The cleverly designed aerodynamics also contribute significantly to its efficiency. The analyst noted that Audi's new EV will get 30 to 50 miles less range than the Model X and will accelerate "significantly slower". One high end option are virtual exterior mirrors - premiere in a series production vehicle. Paired with high-quality materials and fine workmanship, it makes electric mobility a premium experience.

Lichte said Audi will eventually produce variants of the e-tron. This is also ensured by the comprehensive and reliable range of charging options with intelligent solutions for at home and on the go.

Specification details for the United Kingdom are yet to be confirmed but equipment on offer will include the high-end MMI navigation plus media centre, including LTE Advanced and Wi-Fi hotspot, adaptive cruise assist, and an efficiency assist that uses radar sensors, camera images, navigation data and Car-to-X information to detect the traffic environment and the route, and give economy tips to the driver, as well as braking and accelerating predictively.

An optional driver-assistance package features adaptive cruise assist, helping a driver with accelerating and braking as well as lane-keeping in heavy traffic or at highway speeds.

But the e-tron, Mercedes' upcoming EQ models and other luxury electric vehicles will add a level of competition Tesla has not yet seen. Audi has said that some European customers will have theirs before the end of 2018.

Audi's first all-electric model, the e-tron, makes its debut