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China says to 'take countermeasures' after new USA tariffs

18 September 2018

"But, so far, China has been unwilling to change its practices", he said.

"Further, if China takes retaliatory action against our farmers or other industries, we will immediately pursue phase three, which is tariffs on approximately $267 billion of additional imports", President Trump warned.

Donald Trump says the new move is in line with an ongoing study by the United States Trade Representative (USTR). The White House apparently doesn't even have an organized process or infrastructure for carrying out negotiations with the Chinese, or even for communicating demands.

Those moves signaled investors' increasing concerns that the import taxes visited by the US and China on one another will sting USA tech-sector giants with significant manufacturing bases in China. If the Chinese economy slows under the weight of US import taxes, the global economy might also stumble, according to Stephanie Segal, deputy director of the Center for Strategic and worldwide and Studies, a Washington think tank.

The overall list of Chinese goods subject to tariffs now runs to 194 pages, and now amounts to nearly half of all Chinese imports.

That means regular households may start to feel the impact.

As President Trump continues to take a tough stance on trade, US businesses are looking for ways to avoid costly import-export fees, a byproduct of ongoing trade tensions.

More broadly, tariffs will lead to higher United States consumer prices, lower overall U.S. economic growth, and other unintended economic consequences.

"(The FAANG stocks have) had great runs; the fact that they'd come off a little bit really doesn't detract from the fact that they've put in some very good performance numbers this year", Nolte said. All of the items in Lam's letter were included in the final list.

However, some products that help computer networks operate, such as routers, will remain on the new list, the official said.

Some products - such as smart watches, Bluetooth devices, bike helmets, high chairs and play pens - were exempted from the tariffs after lobbying from companies including tech giant Apple and the chemical industry. Millions of iDevices are exported from manufacturers in China each year, and Chinese government officials have explicitly suggested that those products could be casualties in the trade war.

What is the United States doing?

In a statement Trump said the tariffs were the result of an investigation which found China had engaged in unfair trade and intellectual property practices for many years. It opened up investment opportunities in China's massive domestic market (albeit with some strings attached), and it allowed companies to cut costs and goose profits by shopping through Asia for cheaper labor forces.

United States officials hope the risk of economic harm will convince the Chinese government to change its policies.

What's the likely impact from a US-China trade war?

"China may potentially pull out of trade talks entirely and escalate on the new front of outright export restrictions", analysts at JPMorgan told clients. But the tariffs are thought to have cost significant U.S. job losses.

But Juscelino F. Colares, a scholar of worldwide trade at Case Western Reserve University School of Law, said a get-tough posture from an American president was long overdue.

Last week, the American Chambers of Commerce in China and in Shanghai reported 52 percent of more than 430 companies that responded to a survey said they have faced slower customs clearance and increased inspections and bureaucratic procedures.

Trump didn't mention that prices have stabilized in part because of a $12 billion federal bailout to farmers hit by food tariffs.

"We have no problem with China trying to grow its economy, trying to lift its people out of poverty, that's a good thing".

China says to 'take countermeasures' after new USA tariffs