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'We Never Had Signals': Serena Williams Disputes Coaching Claims From US Open

16 September 2018

"It isn't the first time you have had to deal with unfair judgment against you, and yet you have this awesome an ability to come back with such courage and grace", she said. For her to say she wouldn't have been penalised if she were a man misses the point. Umpire Carlos Ramos believed Williams's coach Patrick Mouratoglou, watching from the stands, was giving her hand signals. She then smashed her racket on the ground, sparking a second violation.

It was at that point that Williams was docked a full game, a penalty from which she could not recover and soon led to her losing the set and the match.

Tennis umpires are reportedly considering a boycott of matches involving Serena Williams after her outburst in the US Open final against Naomi Osaka.

Women's governing body the WTA supported Williams and chief executive Steve Simon said the umpire showed her a different level of tolerance over her outbursts than if she had been a man.

"He said [Mouratoglou] made a motion".

She has not only excelled professionally, but her personal life is equally thriving having recently married a tech billionaire - an attractive white young man - with whom they are blessed with an adorable daughter.

Williams, who took no questions from the audience, said previously she felt she had been treated more harshly than a male player would have been for smashing her racket and arguing with match official Carlos Ramos during her straight-set finals loss to Naomi Osaka of Japan on September 8 in NY.

Former tennis star Martina Navratilova says Serena Williams should have been thinking about the example she was setting, following her US Open final fiasco.

"You're stressing me out", Osaka quipped, somewhat sheepishly.

Serving for a championship is one of the hardest things a tennis player can do, especially one that is getting to her grand slam final for the first time ever and against one of the greatest players in the world.

Male tennis players are nearly three times more likely to be fined for losing their temper and smashing racquets than their female counterparts, The New York Times reported on Saturday. Jimmy Connors famously called one official an "abortion". "People often underestimate the amount of work that it takes to become a top tennis player". It did not make worldwide headlines. Just don't make it something that, when added to other code violations, can result in the loss of a point or a game, as happened with Williams.

A Williams rose to stardom, so did the racist attacks against her. Most recently, in this year of hatred masquerading as rebellious bravery, a clueless white Australian cartoonist drew a caricature of her so grotesque that its offensiveness could be seen with the naked eye from outer space.

"It was here that Ms. Williams really started to lose the plot".

If the world is afraid of women loudly seeking justice, it is doubly afraid when black women do so.

'But we have no doubt that Carlos was just enforcing the rules as he sees them'.

Now there have been reports that professional umpires might consider boycotting Ms. Williams's matches. Personally, I thought her behaviour was poor, and anyway in terms of sexism this was the wrong incident and the wrong person to highlight a very serious worldwide problem which undoubtedly is still rife. Seek reparation for your assault?

'We Never Had Signals': Serena Williams Disputes Coaching Claims From US Open