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Russia is peace-loving state: Putin

16 September 2018

The Vostok-2018 maneuvers are the biggest in the history of the Russian army, unparalleled since 1981, when the Soviet Union held drills involving about 100,000 people. The drills have gained an global status, with troops from China and Mongolia set to take part in one of the stages.

On site, Mr Putin praised the "mastery" of the Russian army and its "ability to deal with potential threats".

"Russia is a peaceful nation", Putin said Thursday, according to the AP, before adding that it must "be ready to protect its sovereignty, security and national interests, and, if necessary, support our allies".

At the end of the exercises, Putin awarded medals to 10 servicemen of Russia, China and Mongolia, who distinguished themselves during the course. You demonstrated the high-level performance. Additionally, military cooperation will be further developed.

During the main stage of the exercises, Russian, Chinese and Mongolian military units worked out actions to repel the offensive of a conventional enemy, to start their own offensive and to complete the defeat of the conventional enemy's main forces, the Kremlin said.

The head of the military department also noted that Vostok 2018 maneuvers are the largest event of the Russian Armed Forces combat training.

For example, a surprise inspection of the Northern Fleet took place in mid-August, while similar inspections of the Central and Eastern military districts happened later that month.

Russian Federation hosted its war games close to the border with China, mobilizing 300,000 troops in a show of force that will include joint exercises with the Chinese army.

Russia is peace-loving state: Putin