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Can you buy flood insurance now that will cover damage by Florence?

16 September 2018

Nature expresses its fury in sundry ways.

The Washington Post reports that, according to preliminary reports submitted to the National Weather Service, Florence's 30 inches of rainfall in North Carolina has broken the statewide rainfall record set by Hurricane Floyd in 1999 of 24.06 inches.

At least 4 people killed, including mother and baby. That will likely determine the type of destruction.

Mangkhut made landfall Friday on the northeastern tip of Luzon island in the Philippines with top-of-the-scale Category 5 winds of 165 miles per hour. Rain draining from upriver, especially from hard-hit North Carolina, will come down rivers such as the Waccamaw, which isn't expected to crest in Conway for another three to five days.

Residents of New Bern, NC and their dog are rescued from rising floodwaters caused by Hurricane Florence.

The hurricane centre said the storm will eventually break up over the southern Appalachians and make a sharp rightward swing to the northeast, its rainy remnants moving into the mid-Atlantic states and New England by the middle of next week.

USA media later said a man in Lenoir County died after heavy winds knocked him down as he tried to check on his dogs.

"If you live in a floodplain and planned on staying, you might need to reevaluate", said Joel Cline, a North Carolina native and meteorologist with the National Hurricane Center.

Experts say Mangkhut may well end up being the deadlier storm.

The military announced Saturday it was deploying almost 200 soldiers to assist in storm-related response and recovery efforts, along with 100 trucks and equipment.

A warmer atmosphere can hold more water vapour - producing heavier downpours and providing more energy to hurricanes, boosting their destructive potential.

Almost 814,000 homes in North Carolina and 170,000 in SC are without power.

"Florence is yet another poster child for the human-supercharged storms that are becoming more common and destructive as the planet warms", said Jonathan Overpeck, dean of the environment school at University of MI.

"The shelves are pretty empty, and we don't expect our first truck until Sunday, maybe, if they can get through", she said.

Kossin and Overpeck also pointed to studies that show storms are intensifying more rapidly than they used to. Another 400 people were in shelters in Virginia, where forecasts were less dire.

Officials warn Florence could unleash floods inland into early next week.

Because of that, Florence was weakened by the dry air and upper level winds of the higher latitudes. Not so the more southerly Mangkhut, which Maue said, "essentially had a ideal environment to intensify to a Category 5 and stay there".

"Mangkhut and Florence are certainly different animals", said Colorado State University hurricane researcher Phil Klotzbach.

Florence's forward movement during the day slowed to a near-standstill - sometimes it was going no faster than a human can walk - and that enabled it to pile on the rain. The tropical storm's maximum sustained winds are holding steady, remaining at around 50 miles per hour, with higher gusts in heavy rainbands over water, the NWS said.

Can you buy flood insurance now that will cover damage by Florence?