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USA fighter jets intercept two Russian bombers near Alaska

15 September 2018

For the second time since the beginning of September, Air Force F-22 Raptors like the one above were scrambled to intercept Russian aircraft flying over worldwide waters close to United States airspace off the coast of Alaska.

Then again, right through that earlier intercept, the Russian Tu-95s had been now not escorted by Russian fighter jets.Two Russian Tu-ninety five bombers had been also intercepted by F-22's off the wing of Alaska in Can also, nearly a 365 days after the last encounter of this model.

Russian fighter jets were caught escorting two nuclear-capable bombers off the coast of Alaska on Tuesday - marking the second such incident this month, according to USA officials.

Tuesday's incident is the second one to occur withing the month of September.

Tuesday's incident comes just a week after a similar interception of Russian bombers south of the Aleutian Islands.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation released video of two Tu-95 "Bear" bombers and a pair of fighter jets taking off from an airbase in eastern Russia.

A USA official previously told CNN that the military sees these flights as routine and said they pose no concern.

On May 11, US jets shadowed a pair of Tu-95s as they flew in the zone, which extends 200 miles from the coast, in the Bering Sea north of the Aleutians.

The ADIZ was created by the United States after World War II as a watch zone and extends approximately 200 miles into the ocean in what is technically global airspace.

"The Russian aircraft remained in global airspace and at no time did the aircraft enter United States or Canadian sovereign airspace", NORAD said.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin vowed Thursday to strengthen his country's military in a statement to reporters at the war games. O'Shaughnessy, the NORAD Commander.

USA fighter jets intercept two Russian bombers near Alaska