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Red Sox Manager Calls Trump's Puerto Rico Tweets "Disrespectful"

15 September 2018

The whole kerfuffle started with another, earlier tweet where Trump wrote, "3000 people did not die in the two hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico".

Trump on Thursday morning tweeted he believed between six and 18 people died as a result of the storm that struck the island as a Category 4 hurricane. Trump tweeted that the reported number of about 3,000 was inaccurate and had been pushed by opponents just to make him look bad.

"If a person died for any reason, like old age, just add them on to the list", he tweeted.

This is what is going on: Some "scientists"-read anti-Trump Democratic Party activists-constructed a theoretical baseline of how many deaths would be expected to occur in Puerto Rico during the months after Hurricane Maria".

The official death count increased months after the storm because the government of Puerto Rico originally did not acknowledge counts from news outlets investigating the impact of the storm.

Governor Ricardo Rosselló also responded to the tweets, telling CNN "there is no reason to doubt the validity of these studies, there is no reason to expect that, even though it is an estimate, that it's not far away from the accurate toll should be". Maria hit on September 20, walloping the island just 14 days after Hurricane Irma had struck a glancing blow.

"We stand by the science underlying our study", the statement said. "That is the official death toll. and yet our deranged president doesn't believe it", he said.

Yet, Trump insisted Hurricane Maria was an "unsung success" and the revised death toll was some ploy by Democrats to undermine him.

As the storm lashed North and South Carolina Friday as a hurricane, FEMA officials warned of the storm's menacing rain. It was initially said to have killed just 64 people.

He was criticised for treating a visit to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of the hurricane like a rally, mimicking a basketball player as he threw paper towels to Puerto Rican residents at a local relief centre.

"Our results show that Hurricane Maria was a very deadly storm, one that affected the entire island but hit the poor and the elderly the hardest", the statement continued. In fact, the independent study was commissioned by Puerto Rico and done by researchers at George Washington University's Milken Institute School of Public Health.

The Miami-based Navarro has noted, "There are Puerto Ricans who moved to Florida who could actually make or break statewide elections in Florida in 2018", stressing that if Floridians are "mad as hell" about Trump's comments, they can express that anger by voting in the midterms on November 6. Prior to becoming a candidate, she had minor political experience working for the Bernie Sanders campaign in 2016.

Politicians and media on both sides of the political divide have criticized Trump's comments.

Red Sox Manager Calls Trump's Puerto Rico Tweets