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Juncker calls on European Union to flex global muscle as United States retreats

14 September 2018

Juncker also expressed frustration with the EC's policy of allowing a single member state's dissenting vote to block European Union policy, and called for qualified majority voting in specific areas.

Mr Juncker said the European Union and its member states "will always show loyalty and solidarity with Ireland when it comes to the Irish border".

Worries over how far hostile parties within and outside the European Union might try to manipulate the EU elections also lie behind a proposal to impose fines on politicians caught cheating on data protection rules and to beef up oversight of campaigning.

With only six months before the United Kingdom is scheduled to leave, Juncker said the United Kingdom "will never be an ordinary third country for us".

(...) The geopolitical situation makes this Europe's hour: "the time for European sovereignty has come", Juncker said.

European Commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker used English only when speaking about the British withdrawal from the European Union (EU) during his EU State of the Union address on Wednesday. "It will not be the commission that will stand in the way of this".

"The Commission resist any attack on the rule of law and we continue to be very concerned by the developments in some of our member states".

However, this agreement would not accept free movement or the European Court of Justice. I stick with the opinion that it was a correct decision after the fall of communism.

The EU said in January that big tech companies that were part of its voluntary code of conduct companies had removed 70% of the content notified to them by European authorities within 24 hours, up from just 28% in mid 2016. "To love your nation is to love Europe", Juncker declared as he reached his conclusion, warning against nationalism.

A more sober appraisal of his four years at the helm would have to include the growing friction between Brussels and central European member states and bitter resentment from southern Europe at the lack of solidarity... "Patriotism is a virtue, nationalism is narrow-minded is a lie overwhelming and a poison wicked", he blasted.

The commission is also proposing the border force have greater powers to deport people classified as economic migrants who are fleeing poverty and seeking jobs.

In an effort to cut migrant flows off at source the commission and member countries want to create "disembarkation platforms" in northern Africa to offload people rescued at sea. "If they remain, they should be an unacceptable backwards step in Europe".

Indeed Mr Juncker, pointing out that by 2050 a quarter of the world's population would be African, sketched out a plan, or an aspiration, to create up to 10 million jobs in Africa in the next five years alone.

Juncker calls on European Union to flex global muscle as United States retreats