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Weinstein caresses woman during meeting hours before she says he raped her

13 September 2018

A woman who claims to have been raped by Harvey Weinstein has released footage of the film mogul attempting to flirt with her in a business meeting a few hours before the alleged assault took place.

The frankly disturbing footage, shows Weinstein acting incredibly inappropriate, propositioning the woman, and caressing her.

Melissa Thompson filmed the meeting with the Hollywood producer when she went to the Weinstein Company offices in NY in 2011.

The meeting gets off to an bad start as Weinstein brushes away a handshake and embraces Thompson in a hug, making long strokes down her back and saying "That's nice'".

Sky News aired only portions of the video. She told Sky News she was expecting that this would be a follow-up meeting to close the deal.

"Let me have a little part of you", he replies.

The footage, which has never been broadcast before, shows him hugging, touching and making sexually suggestive comments to 28-year-old Melissa Thompson.

The video, which only captures the two from the waist up, doesn't show Weinstein's hands at that point, but does show Thompson reacting with discomfort and telling Weinstein, "That's too high".

"Now I see, he's trying any way he can, to move me into that zone of comfortable then uncomfortable and confused and vulnerable and recognizing that he is powerful and I'm not. Give it to me", he says in the video.

It was at this later meeting that Thompson alleges she was raped by the Hollywood executive.

"I think there was a combination of confidence and naivety that led me to this dynamic that we see now, watching back", she said. "It's okay, would you like to do it some more?" he can be heard saying. "I had entered that fight-or-flight mode and I was scared of him".

When asked if she "might have encouraged him", Thompson replied, "I don't think I purposely encouraged him". Thompson began recording the meeting and was surprised when Weinstein himself showed up and immediately locked the door to the office behind him. She tried to fight him and get away from him along the way but he kept blocking her way. I constantly felt trapped, no matter where I turned. "It was an invitation to come to a hotel lobby that was within blocks of the office and so that to me felt much safer than being alone with him in his office", she said. "He cornered me over and over again", Thompson said.

"Had people been more vocal and not said, "Yeah, that's Harvey, ' or 'Yeah we have to live with that" - we don't have to live with things that are illegal and abusive".

"What they shared with us is that the video, when viewed in its entirety, in context and not in select excerpts, demonstrates that there is nothing forceful, but casual - if not awkward - flirting from both parties. This is a further attempt to publicly disgrace Mr Weinstein for financial gain and we will not stand for it. Facts do matter". I worked in Wall Street before I went to business school, and I worked in an environment that was heavily male dominated...

Weinstein caresses woman during meeting hours before she says he raped her