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OnePlus 6T will not have a headphone jack

14 September 2018

Less than a week after concept image renders of the OnePlus 6T was leaked online, OnePlus itself has confirmed the phone's official launch date.

Apparently, it was time - and not because everyone else was doing it, but because the company found earlier this year that 59% of its "community" already owned wireless headphones - a figure Pei expects to have risen since. Pei was quick to note that it is not doing it for the sake of doing it, adding that this had been an option for a long time but the timing just wasn't right, until now.

OnePlus is also touting a number of improvements and upgrades for the newly unveiled Type-C Bullets compared to the already powerful "classic" Bullets V2, including a higher dynamic range, higher signal-to-noise ratio, and lower noise floor.

Compared to the Bullets V2, which were very well received, the Type-C bullets have supposed improved sound quality thanks to a built-in DAC.

Having said that, we suggest you take all this information with a proverbial grain of salt as it doesn't come directly from OnePlus or from a source that has a record of revealing accurate details. That's not insignificant, especially since OnePlus has spent years ribbing the competition over ditching it while their phones have had a 3.5mm port all of the way through their last release, the OnePlus 6. While Pei did not confirm what this meant, it would well be pointing toward the in-display fingerprint reader and/or a bigger battery. In addition to favouring consumer needs, OnePlus says it can make more space inside its devices by removing the jack.

He's partly not anxious because he said that removing the headphone jack has allowed them to include a bigger battery that will be "substantial enough for users to realize". The company might be looking at squeezing in a larger mAh battery inside the OnePlus 6T.

The decision does have one specific benefit: better battery life.

But there's no denying that the 3.5mm headphone jack will be missed dearly.

OnePlus 6T will not have a headphone jack