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Google adds Confidential mode to Gmail app

18 August 2018

The new feature also disables the ability to forward, copy, print or download these emails.

If Chief Quimby used Gmail, he'd know about the new mobile Confidential Mode with expiring messages and probably have saved himself quite a bit of trouble getting information to Inspector Gadget.

Google has officially rolled out confidential mode for Gmail in the Android and iOS apps.

If Confidential Mode has made its way to your account, you can make use of it by tapping the Compose button in Gmail on iOS or Android, and then selecting More Confidential Mode. Senders can even set the emails to expire after a set period of time, which comes in handy during the exchange of sensitive information.

For users of the Gmail web client, Google's support page notes that confidential mode isn't available in the classic version of Gmail. With a passcode enabled, recipients of the confidential mode email will have to enter a code that they will receive in an SMS message on their phones.

In order to send a confidential mode email, just begin composing a message and tap the "Confidential mode" toggle from the menu at the top.

Here, find the mail that you sent with confidential mode and open. That means that recipient won't be able to download any sensitive photos or documents you might send, so this will certainly have its uses for those in the business world as well. But Gmail users today can use the new update to protect their messages instead of following in the grumpy footsteps of the cartoon cop. You can always change your mind and remove or alter the confidential settings before sending the email.

Google adds Confidential mode to Gmail app