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Storm Ernesto on course for the United Kingdom and Ireland this weekend

17 August 2018

Within the next 24 hours, Ernesto is expected to dissipate and weaken as it reaches the United Kingdom and Ireland, downgrading to a post tropical storm along the way, the NHC said.

Northern Ireland, Scotland and western England are all expected to feel the effects of the severe weather, which could potentially be upgraded to a hurricane.

Ernesto will be an ex-subtropical storm by the time it reaches the United Kingdom, and should clear into the North Sea over the course of Sunday morning - but will leave a legacy of overcast and muggy conditions.

The storm is expected to peak with 45 miles per hour winds before merging with another low pressure system.

It's on course to reach Ireland by Saturday night.

McGivern said: "It will be a fresh start as we begin Friday".

On its current trajectory, Tropical Storm Ernesto will approach Ireland and the United Kingdom on Saturday.

The weather will most likely be stormy this weekend especially in the north-east.

In the Central Atlantic, Subtropical Storm Ernesto has changed little with 40 miles per hour winds just keeping it at storm status.

Britain has been subjected to "changeable weather" this week with heavy downpours, thunderstorms, strong winds and cooler temperatures dashing hopes of more warmth and sunshine.

"Through Friday, increasing amounts of cloud and some rain moving its way in".

There will be little change in the strength of the storm in the next few hours, however, tonight Ernesto is predicted to become a post-tropical cyclone.

"It will then will be picked up by mid-latitude westerlies and arrive over the United Kingdom late on Saturday".

Temperatures are forecasted to reach the mid-20s on Saturday, though they could climb to as high as 25 degrees in parts of the south and south-east.

Slowly approaching the United Kingdom, the storm is maintaining its strength and classification as a tropical storm despite cool 21C waters. Weather conditions "heading into midweek will obviously depend greatly on the eventual track, intensity and size of Lane", the forecasters wrote.

Storm Ernesto on course for the United Kingdom and Ireland this weekend