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Pakistani-born Mehreen Faruqi becomes Australias first female Muslim senator

17 August 2018

During a Senate debate on Labor's motion to reaffirm Australia's commitment to non-discrimination on Wednesday, the One Nation leader said she was "appalled" by Anning's comments, adding that the speech was "straight from Goebbels' handbook from Nazi Germany".

Katter's Australian Party has only one member - Katter himself - in the country's 150-member House of Representatives.

Anning, who has been in parliament for less than a year has entered into a lose alliance with several conservative independent lawmakers that has boosted his otherwise inconsequential role in Australia's upper house.

"Look, if you can tell me which ones are not going to cause us harm, then fine, that'd be great".

"It is ironic that those on the left such as the Greens and some Labor who seek to criticize me are the same people who refused to support my efforts to stop Australia funding the Palestinian Authority who finance terrorist attacks against innocent Israeli women and children", the statement read.

"I am Muslim migrant, I'm about to be a Senator and there's not a damn thing Fraser Anning can do about it", she wrote in a piece for a website. He pointed to the "African gangs" controversy in Melbourne, which he said had been fuelled by Mr Turnbull and particularly by Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton.

But Mr Anning was unmoved and his party leader Bob Katter called the speech "magnificent" and "solid gold". Following the win, a confident Faruqi told BBC that she would use her role to push for a "positive future for Australia where we are stronger for our diversity".

"I don't regret anything, Georgie".

Millions were slaughtered under the Nazis" "final solution' during World War II.

"While all Muslims are not terrorists, certainly all terrorists these days are Muslims, so why would anyone want to bring more of them here?" he asked.

Australia's prime minister and politicians from across the political spectrum on Wednesday condemned a speech by a freshman senator calling for only white immigration and a "final solution" to end Muslim immigration.

Hanson's maiden speech two decades ago set off a firestorm of leftist hatred, mob violence and ultimately a dodgy jail term with consequences that have resonated down to today. "It means something that all of us here stand up against this racism, stand up against this hatred and stand up against the disgraceful use of that neo-Nazi, white supremacist terminology". The notorious term dates back to Nazi policy of the Holocaust.

"Good men died for our right to say whatever we want to say and use whatever words we want to use, if people want to take it out of context that's entirely up to them".

Mathias Cormann, an immigrant from Belgium, said: "This chamber in many ways is a true reflection of what a great migrant nation we are".

Never mind that in her own maiden speech as a senator Hanson had declared that further Muslim immigration should be stopped and the burqa banned.

Senator Fraser Anning has sought a drastic cut in the number of student visas in Australia, where India is the second largest source of global students after China.

Pakistani-born Mehreen Faruqi becomes Australias first female Muslim senator