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No more call recording on Android: Google

17 August 2018

Nokia smartphones with Android One offer more storage and battery life out of the box, as well as the latest AI-powered innovations from Google to help you stay ahead of the game every day. From Google for this reason no official announcement was ever made.

Pixels (and many other Android phones) use USB-PD for quick charging.

This is good news for anyone that is having this issue.

Over the past few weeks, owners of the 2016 Pixel XL have reported problems with fast charging since upgrading to Google's latest operating system.

If you've followed all the necessary steps, then you disabled System Update notifications, but also all notifications from Google Play services. Have you updated to Android Pie, and was your fast charging somehow disabled by the software update? Now that we know that Android Pie is arriving, we just have the easy task of smashing the Check Update button in the months ahead. "No call recording app will be able to do so", wrote the developers of the Call Recorder - ACR app on their forums. Similar to how Adaptive Brightness works, the ability of the Adaptive Battery feature is completely based on machine learning, which meticulously records the amount of power consumed by each app. The company acknowledges the slowdown of the unlocking process was a side-effect of the previous fix that has been a part of the Pixel 2 XL since the June Android update.

Nokia 5.1 is entering the Android One family where it joins the comprehensive range of Nokia smartphones already delivering an experience designed by Google that is smart, secure and simply unbelievable.

Users are complaining, however, that the message no longer shows up even when a USB-PD cable is used, with one user noting that they instead see a message that reads "Charging" or "Charging slowly" after installing Android Pie.

HTC is still staying relatively quiet, mainly because they're still working on Android 8.0 Oreo updates. Granted, that there is no way for Google as a company to differentiate the former from people who record phone calls for blackmail, there needs to be an effective solution in place that doesn't depend on carriers.

No more call recording on Android: Google