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Jalen Ramsey attacks 'trash' NFL QBs but admits Brady 'doesn't suck'

16 August 2018

Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey is never at a loss for words.

Even more recently, New York Giants veteran QB Eli Manning was asked about the comments made by Ramsey, and he made it clear he would not be taking any disrespect from a guy who is entering his third year in the league.

Though her husband escaped Ramsey's harshest criticisms - Ramsey doesn't think Detroit's signal-caller is "the best quarterback out there" - GQ senior editor Chris Gayomali addressed Kelly's thoughts on Twitter, writing, "Kelly Stafford out here playing entire concertos with a dog whistle ... impressive". "But he do what he gotta do".

Manning's response? A quick "no comment", followed a joking "who?" regarding the Pro Bowl corner. But in the same vein, there's the implication that "Playoff Blake" and the regular-season version are different entities, in addition to also basically saying that you can't ask Bortles to do too much. "It doesn't bother me", Allen told WGR's Sal Capaccio.

On Joe Flacco: "Flacco sucks". I don't care what nobody say.

The Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback was particularly withering about a player who has yet to appear in a regular-season game, Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills. That said, Fournette came into camp at a lean 224 pounds in efforts to better his production. I played him two years in a row.

Cousins and Ramsey, who was one of the league's best defensive backs a year ago, have not faced each other since the former Florida State corner came into the league. Ramsey likely didn't have anything to say about the Cardinals QBs because none who were on the roster past year when he and the Jags lost are on the roster anymore.

Jalen Ramsey sent ripples through the National Football League on Wednesday, when a "GQ" piece that contained an interview with the Jaguars' star corner started making the rounds.

He has a strong arm, but he ain't all that.

Ramsey said: "I think Matt Ryan's overrated".

Jalen Ramsey attacks 'trash' NFL QBs but admits Brady 'doesn't suck'