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'Dozens Dead' As Motorway Bridge Collapses In Italy

14 August 2018

A major bridge has collapsed near the northern Italian city of Genoa, police say.

A motorway bridge over the north-western Italian city of Genoa has collapsed, and rescue operations are underway, officials say.

Transport Minister Danilo Toninelli said in a tweet that he was 'following with great apprehension what seems like an huge tragedy'.

Italian news agency Adnkronos, citing local ambulance services, reported that there were "dozens of dead" in the collapse.

"We are following minute by minute the situation of the bridge collapse in Genoa", Salvini said on Twitter.

Images show the bridge - which sits above an industrial site - with a large centre piece missing.

Italian media house RAI reported that there were some 200 firefighters already on the scene and that at least two people had been pulled alive from the rubble.

Genoa is located between the sea and the mountains of northwestern Italy.

Some 600ft of the Morandi bridge collapsed over an industrial zone, raising concerns gas lines may have been damaged. Local footage showed people screaming and a truck stopped just a few feet from the edge of the chasm.

The Morandi Bridge is a main thoroughfare connecting the A10 highway that goes toward France and the A7 highway that continues north toward Milan.

It is now unclear what caused the collapse, however officials believe it may have been down to a structural weakness.

'Dozens Dead' As Motorway Bridge Collapses In Italy