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Imran Khan questioned by Pakistan's anti-graft body

10 August 2018

Renowned social and business figures Farah Khan and Miro Hayat met the Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan at the Chairman's Secretariat in Banigala, Islamabad, and announced to join PTI.

After ECP decides about no. of seats of each single political party in the national and provincial assemblies, it will then notify winning candidates from held seats.

Bushra Maneka also congratulated Pakistan after PTI's win in the recently-concluded general elections and said the newly- elected leader would stand for the oppressed women, widows and orphans, and protect the nation.

Qureshi, the party's senior vice president, presented a resolution in favour of Khan's nomination to become the party's parliamentary leader, which was accepted by the members.

According to him, Imran told the session that people have high expectations from his forthcoming government as they voted for the change. "Now a great responsibility has come on my shoulders".

He said that corruption and nepotism would be completely uprooted from the country. He vowed, "I will take decisions based on merit and for the betterment of the people. The first phase of my 22-year-old struggle is completed", apparently referring to the setting up of the party by him in 1996. "But we are facing huge challenges".

Qureshi insisted the opposition would not be able to undermine the upcoming government and quoted Imran as saying during Monday's meeting that all they can do is "create a rumpus".

ECP has conditionally notified his electoral win on the remaining three seats.

Polls were delayed on two seats of the National Assembly and six of provincial assemblies.

The NAB wanted to question Mr. Khan as part of the preliminary probe into allegations that he caused a loss of Rs. 2.17 million to the provincial exchequer by using the government's helicopter for over 72 hours.

Imran Khan questioned by Pakistan's anti-graft body