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NCAA adopts college basketball reforms for draft, recruiting

09 August 2018

First, it will allow players who have "request (ed) an Undergraduate Advisory Committee evaluation, participate (d) in the NBA combine and aren't drafted" to return to school and participate in college basketball again.

The NCAA and its member schools are part of the broader higher education community, and today's actions renew our commitment to our core objective - preparing students for a lifetime of opportunity.

The NCAA on Wednesday announced sweeping changes regarding college basketball eligibility, agents and other reforms in response to both the FBI investigation into alleged college basketball corruption previous year and the April recommendations by the Commission on College Basketball.

Athletes will be allowed more college-paid visits, which can begin as soon as August 1 the summer before their junior year.

In addition, agents certified by the NCAA would be able pay for meals and certain other expenses.

One of the main changes includes giving players the opportunity to enter the NBA Draft and return to school if they are undrafted, pending future action from the NBA and the NBPA. However, athletes can only officially visit a school once per year. The new rules also allow for heavier punishments, like longer head coach suspensions and stronger fines.

"The September 2017 announcement of a federal investigation into fraud in college basketball recruiting made it clear the NCAA needed to make significant changes - and do so quickly", the NCAA wrote on it's website. Agents are skeptical of the NCAA involving USA Basketball, while many coaches feel the changes unveiled Wednesday wouldn't do much to fix the sport's biggest problem - which, to most, is the NCAA not allowing players to get a piece of the monetary pie.

NCAA adopts college basketball reforms for draft, recruiting