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James Gunn Popular with Other Studios, Still Negotiating Exit from Disney

09 August 2018

At this point Disney should be looking at the longview, and making sure that this whole mess is as invisible as possible when audiences are watching the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy 50 years from now, and their best option within that perspective is using Gunn's screenplay.

While it has been reported that Disney will never rehire James Gunn ever again, now it's said various movie studios and top producers would work with the director.

It remains to be seen how the situation will end up however as the outlet cites there is "hope through the talks that Gunn could return in some fashion" to the world of Marvel Studios. One of the major studios includes Warner Bros., which has poached filmmakers from Marvel before to help shepherd its struggling DC Extended Universe.

Although Barr's tweets are new and about an actual person, Disney is aware it will look weak and hypocritical if it backs down and rehires Gunn.

There's still much to be resolved in the wake of James Gunn being fired off Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3. Because of this, Disney may have to offer Gunn a payout of $7 million to $10 million - or even higher.

Yet the most tantalizing aspect of this anonymously sourced information from THR is that there is allegedly still some murmurs that a reconciliation between Gunn and the House of Mickey could be reached.

Another interesting claim in the report is that Disney still plans to use Gunn's script for the third Guardians film, despite another director stepping in to bring that story to life.

Gunn was sacked from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 on July 20 after a number of offensive jokes he'd tweeted nearly a decade ago resurfaced.

Bautista and his Guardians colleagues have stressed they do not endorse Gunn's tweets but believe the director has atoned for his comments and they no longer reflect his current views. It was using his social media platform to complain about actual children in cages due to the policies of President Donald Trump's administration that made Gunn a target for this exhumation of bad online behavior.

James Gunn Popular with Other Studios, Still Negotiating Exit from Disney