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Blizzard Announces Multiple Diablo Projects

09 August 2018

Though not an official reveal (which, understandable with E3 2018 less than a week away), we do have the confirmation that it is now in development, straight from the source. Diablo III's launch was pretty disastrous, what with the bad issues, terrible difficulty scaling, poor drop rates, and the terrifying Real Money Auction House. Ready your eyes for BlizzCon, we reckon. "We do not have any plans to announce Diablo for Switch". Trust me when I say the team here is now crossing all crossable appendages regarding that potential tidbit of news.

Blizzard Entertainment is working on multiple Diablo projects, the developer and publisher revealed on Wednesday. Some of these projects will be shown later this year. So whether you first joined us in "D3" or you're a seasoned veteran, thank you.

Stay awhile and listen - we have exciting updates to share about the future of Diablo.

The one-minute video also included a mention of Diablo III's current 14th "season" of content and quests, which Camel notes is the company's first stab at a "themed" season. "None of this would be possible without the support that you have shown us for over 20 years", she added.

Blizzard Announces Multiple Diablo Projects