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Aftershock rocks Lombok in Indonesia as death toll rises

09 August 2018

A strong aftershock shook the traumatized Indonesian island of Lombok on Thursday, where tens of thousands were already homeless from an earlier quake, and sent panicked residents out of their homes and cars as buildings collapsed.

The death toll from Monday's 6.9 magnitude quake on the Indonesian island of Lombok has risen dramatically overnight to 347, with state-run news agency Antara issuing the new figure.

The latest quake on Thursday was felt strongly on the island and followed a 6.9 quake on Sunday that killed at least 131 people and damaged thousands of houses.

The death toll following the natural disaster on the Indonesian holiday island of Lombok on Sunday is now at 227, according to the chief of the provincial search and rescue agency.

Most of the displaced are sleeping under tents or tarpaulins near their ruined homes or in evacuation shelters that are short of food, clean water and medical help.

"Some buildings were damaged further because of this quake", a spokesman for Indonesia's disaster mitigation agency (BNPB), said on Twitter. It was centered in the northwest of the island and didn't have the potential to cause a tsunami, Indonesia's geological agency said.

Facebook has been forced to apologise after users posting about Sunday's deadly quake on the Indonesian island of Lombok saw their messages trigger animations of celebratory balloons and confetti.

People in Bali, an island 93 miles from Lombok, also reported feeling the quake.

Authorities are gathering information from family members with missing relatives to determine how many more people may have been in the buildings when they collapsed, national search and rescue agency spokesman Yusuf Latif told AFP. "She was trying to get out, but she got hit by a wall and fell down. I don't think people will choose Lombok anymore this summer".

Indonesia is prone to earthquakes because it lies on the Ring of Fire - the line of frequent quakes and volcanic eruptions that circles virtually the entire Pacific rim.

"We are still scared to go into the house".

Authorities said all the tourists who wanted to be evacuated from three outlying vacation islands due to power blackouts and damage to hotels had left by boat, some 5,000 people in all.

At least 130 people were killed in the magnitude 6.9 natural disaster that rocked the country Sunday; Greg Palkot reports.

Aftershock rocks Lombok in Indonesia as death toll rises