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German couple convicted over rape, online sale of young son

07 August 2018

The news agency dpa reported that a state court in south-western Germany sentenced the woman, who has been identified only as Berrin T, to 12-and-a-half years in prison for rape, sexual abuse and forced prostitution.

Lais, 39, was allowed to live in their home despite a previous conviction for child abuse and a court order to stay away from minors.

A German mother and her partner have been convicted over the repeated rape of the woman's young son and for selling him for sex on the internet. Her partner, Christian L., was sentenced to 12 years.

They charged several thousand euros (dollars) for each instance of abuse, filmed the acts and posted them on the dark net.

The twisted pair and six others were part of a pedophile ring that was busted previous year following an anonymous tip.

Six other man were also given sentences for sexually abusing the young boy.

The court said the pair met at a food bank in Staufen, near Freiburg, in late 2014.

In the following months, the court said, the woman organized assaults on a 2-year-old girl she occasionally looked after.

During the trial, it emerged that the couple had sexually abused the boy themselves for at least two years.

The mother was often near the scene of the abuse by other men "to exert a calming influence on her child", and in the case of one client participated herself, the court said.

The couple distributed videos of the sexual abuse across the dark net, selling it for large sums of money.

The 33-year-old was also ordered to pay €18,000 (S$28,464) to the young victim.

Christian was supposed to be barred from having contact with children and the boy was removed from the couple's custody in March 2017.

The boy was taken out of the family home in March past year, but was sent back weeks later by a local court.

Police exposed the paedophile ring after they received an anonymous tip-off from a member of the public.

German couple convicted over rape, online sale of young son